Words Of Wisdom From Ronda Rousey

In honor of UFC 207 and the big return of Ronda Rousey, here are some words of wisdom for the former champion.

One thing that we can see brings her success is the fact that losing isn’t an option to her.

“Losing feels like dying and that is why I train harder than anyone else. I would rather die than not win.”

Other words of wisdom from the above video are her talking about how she learned from working as a bartender for a year that you have to sell yourself to people every day.

She may have lost her belt last year but she is someone no fighter should take lightly.

” You can have all the advantages in the world but I’m going to be good enough to beat you in spite of it.”

Whether you’re a Rousey fan or not doesn’t matter when you look at the drive and motivation she has to accomplish the goals that she has.

Stay Motivated!

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