Tyler Perry Tells You How To Be Successful

At the age of 22, Tyler Perry used his life savings to put on a play that he wrote at a local community theater.

The reviews weren’t good but every year he would rewrite and put on the play again.

Over time he worked his way up, saving more than 5 million dollars to make the movie, Diary of a Mad Black Women.

In the inspiring video above, Tyler talks about how he is asked all the time about how he made it.

While this video was filmed at the beginning of 2012, his advice still rings true today.

He says there are two important things to being successful.

The first is you must find one thing you want to do and focus solely on that.

Once you have your one thing you have to believe, no matter what that you will achieve it.

Of course, lots of hard work will be needed!

Enjoy the video above, get motivated and share your thoughts below.

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