The Mistake Of Pursuing Money


Why are you on your journey of success? What are you striving for? Is it the money? The fame?

Look, its important to be motivated and go after your success but the truth is chasing money and expecting to become happy once you have it does not work.

When we chase money we lose sight of the important things in life, like family and friends.

Success doesn’t always bring happiness because the two aren’t tied together like that.

Having a bunch of stuff, unlimited money or being known by everyone doesn’t make you suddenly happy because the truth is you can’t cover up problems in life with glamour or money.

It’s important to understand that as you’re on your journey of success that you want to chase happiness and fulfillment. As you go after those two things the money will follow and be an added reward.

For more on this subject, watch the above video as celebrities explain how money didn’t bring the happiness.

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