How Goals Change Your Life

With the second month of the year now upon us, there hasn’t been a better time to think about your future and begin to design the life that you dream of living.

Usually, many people like to leave their lives to chance and live in a “paper in the wind” type of mind frame.

Let me tell you a secret, it’s never too late and always a great time to start setting goals that you want to accomplish and create a plan to achieve them.

If you haven’t started setting goals yet, it can truly be a huge and costly mistake!


Well, not writing down and setting goals is like going on vacation without a destination, something most people would never consider doing yet those same people leave their futures up for grabs to the wind. It’s important to write your goals down and to be excited about the things you want to accomplish because it will help to transform your life. And it’s always fun to take 10 minutes to think about how you would love your life to be like.

So how can you start setting goals?

Start setting goals by making a list of things you want to accomplish within one year, 6 months and three months. The topics can include:

  • Your relationship
  • Health
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Experiences
  • Feelings
  • Things you want to do
  • Who you want to become

Taking the time to identify these things and writing them down will greatly increase the likelihood of you accomplishing them and being excited about them. It will also change your life and put you where you truly want to be.

Do your goals excite you?

Do they make you jump out of bed in the morning and make you feel eager to start each day? Recently for me, I was feeling down and a little unmotivated. I began to wonder why this was so I did a self-examination. I began to see that I had started to lower my expectations in an effort to be “realistic” and that started to affect not only my attitude but also the goals that I had originally set up for myself. Lowering my expectations changed my goals and when my goals started to change they became uninspiring to me.

A simple example to explain is, having a goal to just “pay the bills” isn’t going to get us excited at all. We aren’t going to wake up at 5 am thinking, “Oh boy, let’s go work hard to pay the bills!” We have to have goals that truly inspire us and make us think that the hard work we put in daily is not just going to pay off but it will pay off in a way that is fun and amazing for us.

So what can we do to begin setting goals that excite us?

We have to start setting goals that seem way beyond reach. Goals that are so big they scare us but they also get us moving. Setting goals that are bigger will get you excited when you imagine achieving them and when you think how different your life will be when they come to fruition.

So start writing down and setting goals that seem big to you.

  1. Write down what you want. Be specific about this.
  2. Write each goal in the form of a positive mind frame.
  3. Write why you want to achieve this by each goal.
  4. Write one action you can take now to start working towards that goal.

It’s important to remember to look at and read this list of goals daily, and of course, work towards the goals daily as well. Try to concentrate on creating positive associations with these goals and think about yourself having accomplished them. If you do this daily it will keep you excited about your goals and your life will truly begin to change before your eyes.

Stay Motivated

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