Do You Take The Easy Way Out?

It happens to all of us.

We got motivated and ready to chase after our dream or purpose. We have a basic strategy ready but most importantly, today we feel the drive and know nothing will stop us.

We take that first step and it goes well, things are starting and we’re on the path to the success we’ve always thought about.

And then slowly it begins to happen. The road we’re on begins to separate and the time to decide between two paths comes.

We look in the rear view mirror and see all the hard work we’ve done. We feel good, we think how proud we are and how others may be but we still have a long way to go to that dream or goal of ours.

The time has come to make the big decision.

We know making a decision is an important part of continued success but it’s tough to know the right one. So let’s analyze and look at the two roads.

The first road is “Success Drive.”

We see all the obstacles that we are still left to endure and we just can’t seem to see past all the hard work that’s still needed. We sit a little taller in our seat, trying to see past all that’s required, to see if there is a glimpse of the Promised Land in our view. But we can’t. Somehow we lost our way and now it all feels so scary again.

We turn and look at the second road called, “Easy Way” and its a clear, wide open road. We look a little closer and see the end it looks nice, it’s easy and so we decide to take that path.

Do you see what happened here? “Easy Way” was an easier drive with less reward at the end. The truth is unsuccessful people tend to take the easy way out. They don’t want any suffering or hardship.

They want the good life.

When the first big bump comes up they can’t see past it. They lose focus of what they want and forget why they started the journey in the first place.

What successful people know is that what you reap you sow.

Efforts and actions will not go unnoticed.

But you have to continue working and have the persistence to stay the course towards your dream.

If only the unsuccessful would be willing to sacrifice, just a little bit more than they would be better off.

Successful people make it through trial and error. They push hard and keep going no matter what the challenge may be. They never give up. They are willing to do everything necessary to achieve what they aspire for in life.

Next time you have to goal or that desire that you decide to work towards, make sure to give your all and don’t give up while you are mid-journey!

Things may get rough, you may feel like giving up, you may feel lost and like your decision was wrong but stay with it and know you will get through.

When you finally make it and accomplish your goal it will feel all the sweeter in the end.

Stay Motivated.


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