Casey Neistat On Breaking The Rules To Gain Success


Casey Niestat rose to fame on Youtube with his daily blogs.

He built up a very loyal and big following amassing over 6 million followers.

He has done work for big companies filming commercials for Nike, Chevy, and Samsung. He most recently sold his mobile social app, Beme, to CNN for over 20 million dollars and in the above video he gives a glimpse into how he found success breaking the typical rules.

Casey Neistat says when he first got into making movies how no one taught him and he, “ Was forced to find his own way to make movies.”

What is so interesting about what Casey Neistat says is that there truly is no one certain way to success for people. We must all make our own way to success and find how it best suits and fulfills us.

Casey Neistat gives three tips to achieve success.

1) Do the work

2) Take chances

3) Do MORE work!

It’s important to remember that whatever you set out to do will take practice and to keep working to become the best at what you want to do.

Watch Casey Neistat in the video and enjoy this daily inspiration!

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