7 Habits of Unsuccessful People


  1. They think, say and do negative things

One of the number one things unsuccessful people do is see negativity in everything. They’ll complain the sun is too hot. They will cry the rain ruined their plans for the day. Or they’ll blame the wind for ruining their hair. Other people are just dumb or responsible for all their problems. Everyone is against them in their eyes. They see the problems and focus on only that! These people become discouraged easily instead of learning from their mistakes and every little difficulty is exaggerated as a catastrophe. The worst thing is they can’t seem to move forward because this has become their comfort zone and they are afraid to explore out.

  1. They act before they think

These people decide on impulse. If they like something they’ll buy it without a second thought. That is until they see something better, cheaper and can’t take advantage of the deal. These are the people who spend and spend without any regard to the future. They just chase immediate pleasure and in the end sacrifice a pleasant future without thinking of consequences.

  1. They think too long before they act

We all know these people. They have a great idea or opportunity right in front of them. Instead of acting and taking advantage of the opportunity they want to think about every and all situations. This can bite them on the butt because some opportunities only last for so long. They want to plan and try to plan every step before they take the first one.

  1. They talk much more than they listen

They always want the attention and to be the star of the show. They always exaggerate past stories and have to look better than everyone. Often times they are not aware how they are coming off. When other people try to help or assist them they close their ears because they are too proud to accept help or admit their mistakes. That’s because in their mind they’re always correct. Accepting help will make them feel inferior.

  1. They give up easily

Successful people treat failures as stepping stones to success. Unsuccessful people call it quits upon the first road bump of failure. When they first start they have all the motivation to do whatever is needed. And then, they lose all interest. And if any problem or errors come up they tell themselves they knew it couldn’t be done. Next, they will go and search for the next big thing producing the same story and same results. There is no persistent in them or hard work being put into achieving their dreams.

  1. They try to being others down to their level

Unsuccessful people envy successful people. Instead of working hard to be like them they spread rumors and try to tear them down. They make excuses for why they haven’t been successful and stories to why others have advantages that they don’t. They are too “proud” to ask for help or find a mentor to give them advice.

  1. They waste their time

These people may have a great idea or know what to work towards but don’t. They get distracted with going out with friends, watching YouTube or just feel comfortable where they are. These things are fine to enjoy when the time is right but time should be managed efficiently. In order to succeed there should be a proper balance between work and pleasure.

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