7 Easy Tips To A Happy Life

If we break down the things we want in life it ultimately comes to the fact that we want to be happy. The thing with this very simple concept is that there are things and people in life that seem to always prevent us from feeling that way. Now without going into how we shouldn’t let outer things affect our happiness as much as we all do, I wanted to compile a simple list of tips to help us lead a more happy life. If you’ve ever wanted to become happier and didn’t know where to start than I suggest you start here.

1. Finish What You Start

It’s important to always remember that when you start out to do something you follow through and make sure you finish it.If you finish what you start its important because it can help build momentum for you to accomplish other things you may have been wanting to do. You don’t want to start something and give up because that will cause you to feel like you have failed, either consciously or subconsciously and it will affect you more than you know. When you finish something you started it always feels good at the end. You feel accomplished and maybe even proud of yourself. From now on when you start something hold yourself accountable to finish what you started know mater how hard you think it may be or if you don’t see the end results. It will be worth it.

2. Train Your Body

Things aren’t always easy the first time around. When I say train your body I don’t just mean physically. I also mean train your body for new “success routines.” You want to get your mind in a good place and a lot of times you’ll need to train your mind to get there. It wont be easy at first and you may want to give up or go back to the old ways but keep going. Train your body to wake up earlier, meditate, if you loss steam train you mind to see the end results and keep going. Second, train your body physically. You don’t have to become a gym rat, but just a simple walk around the block each day or mile run will do. If you have a pool a simple few laps back and forth help as well. Physical activity helps to get you going. It’s good for your health and it helps to train your body and mind to achieve simple goals.

3. Gain New Skills

Always be learning and always be growing. If you’re not growing you’re dying and the way to continue to grow as you get older is to learn new things and expand your knowledge. If you’re already an expert in your field you can try picking up a new skill or hobby. Learn an instrument. Learn a new way or a different way to do your craft. Look at ways to innovate the way your industry does things. Push the limits. Always be reading or listening to audio books in the car. Make it a goal to learn new things daily or weekly. This helps to keep your mind fresh, strong and it will improve your existing skills.

4. Help Others

Many people want to help others but in today’s day and age some feel they are too busy too or they feel once they have helped themselves then they will help others. Some say once I have more money then I’ll give some away etc. The truth is you can help people in the simplest of ways and they can be the most rewarding. Take time to volunteer a few hours in your community. Volunteer to help a friend or family member if they need help or you think they need help. If you want to receive be sure to give first but really mean to give. Don’t just give to receive. Give to give. Give with meaning and conviction. You never know what amazing opportunities come from giving.

5. Be Curious

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Some say there are no stupid questions, well there can be. But don’t be afraid to be curious and ask. A few things come from being curious. One thing is you learn. By asking questions you learn new things like a skill or about people maybe you don’t know very well. This is a way to take in new knowledge and to expand your mind in ways that can be pretty effortless. Another thing is you can meet new people or find in opportunities you didn’t know where right in front of you. When you live in a curious state, like the great Curious George, you meet new people or you uncover an opportunity that was hiding and instantly makes itself present to you.

6. Don’t Worry Over Things

Sometimes we let little things hang us up. When we do that, those little things can either become big things because we let them or they can more likely just go away. We then just wasted time and energy building something up in our heads and worrying over nothing. You need to be able to identify the big things that need your attention and the little things that you shouldn’t spend sleepless nights worrying over. If it’s a serious issue and a big thing, than take care of it ASAP so it doesn’t cause more problems for you and so it doesn’t continue to hold you back from living your life to the fullest.

7. Try To Keep A Daily Schedule

Ever start out the day with a million things on your mind and ready to accomplish it all? And then end up not really getting anything done? It’s important to keep a schedule of your days and to know what needs to be accompanied each and every day. I also highly recommend a journal with your needed task written down and reviewed daily. When you review daily what is needed to be done you can then prioritize important things and make sure they get done first instead of having the task held over your head each day.

There you have it folks, 7 easy tips to having a happy life. These 7 things will help get you feeling better about your life and about yourself. If you’ve been stuck in a slump for a while and just aren’t sure where to start this surely will get you on the right path.

Do you have any advice for fellow readers about these tips?

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