Discover 4 Mistakes That Hold You Back And Start To Change Your Life

What is holding you back from achieving the things you want to do in life? In this article, I going to break down four of the most common things that seem to hold people back so you can begin to change your life now!

Thinking there is a perfect time to pursue something

When is the perfect time for you to start to do something? When the weather is perfect outside? Or when you have the newest computer to develop our ideas on?
We all like to think about how we want to change our lives or doing something that is a great idea. A perfect example is a New Years resolution. Every year people make a new years resolution and decide now is the time to change a bad habit or start hitting the gym more often. But why do we wait the beginning of a new year to make these changes?
People love to use ” I’ll wait for the perfect time,” as an excuse to put off going after something. Why is this? Maybe they are scared? Or the don’t know how to do something. Maybe they don’t want to really make the commitment or they don’t really want to pursue something.
If you truly want to pursue something the perfect time to start is now. When you decide you want to go after something and you have passion to pursue it, take action now! start doing something to get some momentum going. There never is a perfect time to start going after something. If the time isn’t perfect now then it won’t be perfect later.
There is no perfect time there is only now. Start taking steps to pursue something when the idea first comes or else you will keep making excuses for not starting.

Thinking how life is today is the way it will always be

I have talked many times about how life is about growing. We are always growing and should always be pushing ourselves to achieve more and achieve new things.
Sometimes we think just because life is a certain way for us right now that we will always be stuck in this spot. But the truth is life is always changing. They say we are a new person every seven years. Life changes and adapts to how we see it.
If you’re down in a rut today you won’t be there in 5 years. So start now to see where you want to be in 5 years and start taking action to get there.
Think about where you were 5 years ago and I’m betting it’s not the same place you are now. now think about where you will be in 5 years. it’s not the same place you are now either. Know that life is always changing and that you can decide where you want to be in 5 years and start working towards that.

Thinking not having dreams is “being realistic.”

Do you not have any dreams? why not!? Dreaming doesn’t mean you are out of touch or not being realistic. Dreaming is good, it’s what pushes humanity and pushes people to grow and do great things.
It’s okay to dream but the thing you must remember is that if you really want to achieve the dream you must be willing to put in the work.
All great people in history had dreams they saw and things they wanted to accomplish. If you just stop at the dreaming part then you are just a dreamer. But if you continue with the dream and apply yourself to achieving something you will start to see your reality change into the things that you once dreamed about.
All things were once a thought in someone’s head or a dream, like this computer you’re reading this on. The only difference is that someone took that dream and worked hard to make it something real. Telling yourself not to dream because you want to be realistic is automatically cutting you off from the powers that you have to make life great. You don’t stop yourself from driving because you’re scared about a car accident, do you? Dreaming helps to get you started on the ideas of where you want to go in life.
Dream away!

Trying to see the path but determining it’s not possible

We can possible know exactly where the yellow brick road leads exactly. there may be a dark forest along the way before we get to the Emerald city.
When driving along the highway in the dead of night our headlights only let us see so much. we can always know what is coming next down the road.
When you decide that you’re going to travel down a path towards achievement you do your best to prepare but at some point, you have to start traveling in blind faith and trust you can overcome whatever may come along.
We can never determine the exact path we will take in life. That would be too easy. The best way to know what you want and know where you want to go. Then go. things will come up along the way, you may see hard times and wonder if you can do this or if its worth it but you have to know this is part of the journey.
Keep at it. Ever successful person faced some adversity. Life is full of ups and down and its how you handle the downs that gets you to the ups that you wanted the whole time. And when you get there it makes the accomplishment all the better.

What are some mistakes you made that held you back and how can you start to change your life? Be sure to share and comment below! If you know anyone who is held back in life share this article with them as well.

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