10 More Ways to Condition Your Mind To Think Positive

A few weeks ago I published an article, 10 Ways to Condition Your Mind To Think Positive , and I gave 10 tips to help you get your mind on track with a positive mind set. In that article, I said its important to condition our mind and train it like a muscle. Well if you’ve started seeing success doing those first 10 tips I wanted to give you another 10 tips to help you continue your growing. Here are 10 more ways to condition your mind to think positive!

1. Keep your mind on important things

Set your goals and priorities for what you want to accomplish. Visualize your goals daily and have a strategy for dealing with problems. Focus on the things that need to be done but at the same time, take time to relax, enjoy the present and appreciate the journey you are on.

2. Know you can’t control the outside world

Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes you’re on top and sometimes you’re at the bottom. There will be times in live where some things don’t go according to how you want. Don’t get upset or discouraged if you don’t get what you desire. Do your best in everything you do and remember we can only control ourselves.

3. Try new things and challenges

Don’t stay in the comfort zone! Get out there, grow, embrace learning and changes because they are opportunities. Doing new things can be considering more options for a project, meet new people and ask different questions. Through this, flow of thinking is directed to improvement and negative thoughts will be pushed out.

4. Keep track of your mental and physical health

Know yourself and know your body. There is no one else who can tell you who you really are. Know your passions, desires, and principles. Spend time by yourself, learning, reading, dreaming and meditating. Workout regularly and eat foods that are nutritious and good for your body. If you know yourself completely you will be more aware of how far you can go.

5. Keep a list of your goals and actions

We all know we must know what we want before we can achieve anything. You need to really familiarize yourself with things you want to accomplish. Once you know your goals and create a strong tie to them, a stronger mind and will power will exist within you.

6. Surround yourself with positive people

It is important to build a reality that helps you grow. Surrounding yourself with positive people is a great way to create a positive and nurturing environment. Whether at school, work, or any other place you hang out these people are there. So it’s time to go out and find them!

7. Have trust in other people

Many people might have trouble with this one. It may be difficult but when you believe in others it will help curve doubts and negative judgments of others along with bringing harmonious relationships between you and people you met.

8. Trust in yourself

Know that you are responsible for you. Trust in yourself and don’t be reliant on others. You control you and your future.

9. Forgive and forget

Fear of mistakes and failure can be the root for many people who have negative thoughts. If we can learn to let go of the pain and disappointment we have in our minds and hearts than there will be less to block our clear thoughts. Forgive yourself for committing mistakes. It is best to learn from them, forget them and continue forward.

10. Learn from experience

Life isn’t like school. In school, the teacher instructs us, we study and then we are tested. In real life, we take the test first, or the experience, and afterward, we study our mistakes and adjust according to what will work for us. There isn’t always one right or wrong answer as well.

And there you have it! 10 more ways to condition your mind to think positive. I hope these tips help you to continue growing and keep you going on your success journey. What do you think? Any tips for fellow readers? Share your thoughts below. 🙂

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