HMG Podcast #003 – Stepping Into A New Path

Why I started this blog

Basically, in the beginning of this year, I become very sick with the flu and an infection and all I did was lie in bed and sleep most the time. When I wasn’t sleeping I pretty much lied in bed thinking about all the things I had wanted to do and why I hadn’t really started yet. It was around this time that I decided to I would start going for the things I wanted to achieve and instead of letting life tell me where to go I would take more control!

One of the first things I did was I began to film vlogs and post them onto YouTube. It was fun and I enjoyed making them with my girlfriend but after about a month I just felt my life wasn’t entertaining enough to share with the world at the moment. I was also working a lot and going through more personal things to seem to take more of my attention. It was however around this time that one weekend I came up with the idea of happy mind happy grind. I bought the domain and started using my spare time to create what a blog I wanted to dedicate to not only helping motivate people to go after what they want but also to share my journey as I looked to grow in my life as well.

In my spare time, I would work on this site and I would continue to read and study success and motivation like I had been doing for the past few years. I remember one say while driving home from work I was listening to the great tony Robbins and in that moment I started to think about something I use to say to myself. Growing up always playing guitar and in bands, I wanted to make music and help to change people’s life’s with that form of art. As I got older that dream seemed to fizzle out and music became more of a passion and hobby to me. But as I listened to tony talk I began to think there are other ways to help people. I started thinking about all the study I had read and studied for so long and how I know so many friends and family members who not only don’t know this stuff but also don’t see how we are in control of our life’s more than we know. It that moment I felt something calling to me and that was when I decided to begin my journey becoming a certified lifestyle coach.

So now after a lot of hard work and many long nights studying and working on my site I can finally got to the part where I can begin sharing my thoughts and advice with all of you. As I certified lifestyle coach I want to help people see who they really are according to them, remind people that we are in control of life and that we all can do what we want if we truly try and pursue it with everything we got. Now this is all easier said than done but this is the reason I started this blog. And I want to build a community for people to be able to come to, to see the success in the world away from the negativity that seems to rule most of the mainstream media and the like. And we all that being said I want to thank you for listening, I look forward to meeting all of you and I invite you all to join me and share your success journeys as well!

Success Quote

– Okay as always let’s start off the podcast with our success quote. This week I wanted to do something a little special. I have two amazing quotes that I want to share about starting down a new path and following something meaningful to you! So let’s dive in.

– The first quote is by Henry David Thoreau and it says, “Pursue some path, however, narrow and crooked, in which you can walk in love and reverence.”

– When I read this quote it basically says to me get off your butt and get something that you want done. The first part he is basically telling us to go after something go after anything. We may have a slim chance or it may be hard to accomplish but we need to go after it. And to me, the second part says that when we go after something that it should be something we have passion for something we want to accomplish and when we do that we will have respect for ourselves because we will be doing something we feel we should be doing and others will have respect for us as well.

the second quote is by Ralph Waldo Emerson and it says,” don not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

Now with this quote, the first thing I think of is how when I first started to wake to what we call normal I realized I was more like a bag in the wind of life. I was letting life just kind of blow me in the direction it thought I should go instead of me deciding the paths I wanted to take. I needed to break from the path that I was automatically leading down and I needed to start a new path my own oath and leave my mark that way. In other words, don’t go down the path others think or tell you too if you don’t want to go down that path. If you feel you want to go another way that will fulfill you or satisfy you then travel down that path, blaze the trail and leave your mark. Because you never know, others may see it and then want to follow that path as well.

Success Story of the week

This week’s success of the week is Ben Pasternak. Ben is CEO and creator of a new app that makes buying items from family and friends super easy while integrating into social networks. People say it’s something like tinder meets eBay but its biggest competition would be amazon or Jet. You basically upload pics of your item and with a swipe left or right you can decide to buy that item from people you know. Now the amazing thing is Ben is only 16 years old! Before moving from Australia to New York City he got his start on YouTube at 11 years old making review videos of products such as the IPhone 4s. He then developed two games that ended up trending all over the world with one game, impossible rush, being developed when he was 15 and being downloaded more than 1.3 million times. Upon moving to NY he raised nearly 2 million dollars from his app Flogg and works around 15 hours a day with a small part time team of seven with his oldest employee being 30. He takes inspiration from Mark Zuckerberg and likes to inspire other teens to look at starting apps and get funding for them. He is excited about Justin Bieber following him on twitter and he regularly forgets to eat or pay his bills. So there you have it. Our success of the week. Proving success can come at any age and point in life!

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