HGM Podcast #002

This weeks success quote

“It’s fine to celebrate success, but it’s more important to heed the lessons of failure.” – Bill Gates

Why I love this quote?
If you look at this quote there are actually two parts to it. I love that Bill Gates starts the quote off with, “its fine to celebrate success.” Now some reading this may look right over this point but I think it is something important. While it’s not the main point he’s trying to get across it is an important point. When we have a success or we accomplish a goal that we’ve been working towards its okay and it can actually be beneficial to yourself to take a minute, give yourself a high-five and appreciate what you accomplished. This helps you see how you’ve grown and accomplished something was just a goal or idea not too long ago.
The second part of this quote is probably the most powerful. “…It is more important to heed the lessons of failure.” What Bill Gates is saying here is something that most people don’t ever seem to see or understand. People tend to be afraid of failure and in turn tend to not even try any attempts because of failure. Instead of being afraid of failure know that failure is apart of learning and apart of becoming the success you want to become. The best way to go about things is when you have an idea do your research and then go out after what it is that you want. Try your best, find mentors and as you go along pursuing your goals you will make mistakes. You will fail in some way along the path but you need to learn and to grow and continue going down the path that you choose. Quite simply, in each failure that we have there is a lesson for us to learn and its a good thing. Failure may be painful in the moment but it’s just another part of life and we keep going as we pursue our goals.

Top Countries Easiest to Start A Business
5. Korea
4. Hong Kong
3. Denmark
2. Singapore
1. New Zealand

US at #8. UK at #7

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Question of the Week

Whats your advice on moving forward after a failure?

As I explained in the reason that I loved the Bill Gates quote we all experience failure, everyone does. Steve jobs was fired from apple but instead of giving up he started Pixar and then came back to apple to take it into one of the biggest companies in the world. Just know this, if you fail that does not equal failure. Learn from your failure, learn from your mistakes because this is what life is all about. In school you are punished if you fail but in life that’s how we all learn. You have to be willing to die for  what you believe in if you want success. Don’t question your believe and if you do maybe it’s not the thing you truly want. Keep going and don’t let fear kill you, don’t let failure hold you back. Take what you learned from your failure and apply it and come back stronger. Your once failure can now become your strength. It’s okay to be fearful we all fear something but we can’t let that fear control us. Success is standing up to the fear and knowing nothing can stop you but you. You can decide if you let the fear or the failure hold you back but no benefit comes from holding yourself back. Learn, grow and keep going after what you want. Failure happens and will happen again but keep going.

This weeks goal
I created a goal to make and post two videos on YouTube! 🙂

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Hope you enjoyed this second HMG Podcast. Stay Motivated!