Jared Leto Talks About Following Your Dreams

Today’s inspiration comes from actor and musician Jared Leto.

You may know him best from his role in this summers blockbuster movie Suicide Squad or as the lead vocalist of his band, 30 Seconds to Mars.

Leto originally moved to Los Angeles to focus on becoming a directed but got more into acting as his part time roles started to become more prominent. A few years later he would end up forming the band 30 Seconds to Mars with his brother and over the years the band would go on to sell over 15 million albums worldwide. He would also see bigger acting roles and eventually win an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2013.

In the above 2 minute video, Jared Leto talks about how you must follow your dreams.

” We are here to live dreams no matter what!”

He gives insight into when he made a failure while writing songs and says, ” You have to be willing to fail.”

An important lesson to take away from this video clip is that  failures we make can actually be good lesson and produce something of beauty in the end.

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