Free Resources

As someone who has built some websites for my previous bands and ventures, including this great site, I wanted to be able to give some free resources that I have used in the past.

The following list includes sites, products or things either I have used or some of my close friends have used before. If you’re looking to get started with a website or blog I hope this list is hopefully to get you up and going quickly.


Hosting 24 – This is the hosting I’ve used for the past few years. I haven’t had any problems and I feel the price is good. A lot of times you will be able to find a great discount for different hosting packages.

BlueHost – This is the hosting that I see a lot of Blogs being hosted with and I’ve had a few friends use this hosting as well. They all recommend it. – If you are starting out with no money to spend on hosting this site offers free web hosting for you. This is the first site I ever used to host a website years ago. You have to use a sub domain with them,, but it works to get you going. You could always have your own domain forward to the sub domain.


GoDaddy – I’ve purchased just about every domain from GoDaddy over the years. It seems like one of the most popular places to do this. And the awesome thing is you can most likely find a deal for a 99 cent domain online.

Google Domains – Recently I started buying domains from Google domains. The process is easy, quick and tied to your google account. The price as of this writing is 12$ a year.


WordPress – I’ve used WordPress for just about all the sites I’ve made recently. It’s free. You can customize it like crazy, find free themes online and create just about any kind of website you want without knowing any code or programming.


Mailchimp – You can use this to build your email list and contact people who love our blog. The beginning packages are free to use which is nice.

Aweber – When I think of email marketing this is the company I think of. This seems to be the company a lot of sites use.

Google Analytic – Use this to track traffic to your website.

Fiverr – You can get just about anything done here for 5 bucks. Great site. Best you check it out first.


Canon G7x – This is the new camera I use for all my YouTube videos. Great quality and the camera a lot of bloggers seem to use and love.

Sidenote* If you’re looking to get into vlogging, you can start with any camera even your phone. Just make sure to record in landscape mode.

Final Cut Pro – The software I use to edit my videos. It’s not the best and it can lag or crash every now and then but it gets the job done.

Garageband – I love garageband. I’ve used this program for years to record music. I also use this program to record all music that is in my videos to avoid any copyright problems.

Books I recommend

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – This is basically the book that started my journey down the path I am.

Awaken The Giant – Tony Robbins is amazing and one of the reasons I began to studied and learn about the topic of success and motivation. You may best know him from his hit Netflix documentary. He is truly amazing.

Journal Template

Here you can find a template of the daily journal i do. This is the best way i like it and helps to keep me on track.

Health/ Fitness

Fitness Buddy – An app I use to keep track of my work out. It’s great for beginners because it will help you hit the gym and have an idea of exercises to actually do. In case you fear looking like an idiot your first few times in the gym.

Iwatch – I use this to track my workouts. I love my Iwatch but there are also other choices.

Fitbit – My gf uses this and loves it. On top of that I know a lot of people who have them and love them as well. – This is a great site to learn about exercising if you’re new to it. I found my first few workouts on here.

Vitamix – My gf and I use this to make shakes. They are awesome and you can basically make about anything in these bad boys.


Tony Robbins

Jim Rohn

Ted Talks

Les Brown

Social Tools

Buffer – An app to lets you schedule future posts

Hoot suite – Another app that lets you post future posts ahead of time.

Crowdfire – Helps you keep a closer eye on your social networks.


Discount Mugs – Great for getting promotional items for your business.

Logo up – Great prices and embroidery if you want to get shirts.

The Printful – Make t-shirts and they have on demand DTG printing. I use them to make my t-shirts.

Vista Print – They can make business cards and a bunch of other promotional products. I’ve order business cards from here before.

Real Estate

Biggerpockets – For people wanting to learn to invest this site is your gold mind.

Real Estate Express – A good site to get your RE license online on your own time.