Hey! I’m Andrew Parker and thanks for stopping by my blog. I want to share my passion and be a positive influence of the amazing possibilities that life holds. With this blog I want to share ideas and create a community that people on their success journey can come to for help and extra motivation.

My beautiful girl and I on vacation.

This blog first came to be after years of me going through life learning and studying ways I could better improve my life and myself. It is my belief that with a happy and positive mind set you can create a better and more happy attitude. With this improved attitude the daily grind of your success journey will become more enjoyable.

Celebrating New Years with my best friend and my girl.

My life has taken me to may places I had never planned to go but now I work hard everyday to plan for a successful future. My goal with this blog is to write informing and interesting articles that help others on their journey. To share motivating quotes to help keep you going. To share and document my road to success and to build a community of people working on their goals and a life that they truly want.

I made a new friend!